Rhizomatiks Research, researching into the relationship between human beings and technology, is an organization which introduces to the world, art and entertainment projects through collaborating with creators including artists, researchers, graphic designers, athletes, dancers, choreographers, directors, musicians and engineers.

Among Rhizomatiks works, Rhizomatiks Research mainly takes up projects focusing on the field of research and development, and sets priority in opening a new expression for the future.

The team which is leading Rhizomatiks Research, has produced projects with artists such as Perfume and Elevenplay in addition to media-art and data-art projects, and is also in charge of all processes through the projects―planning, implementation and operation.


Original Hardware

We will explore a new expression using the hardware. Leveraging sensor technology , control technology , mechatronics technology , IoT, we develop new methods and tecniqs for the media expressions with such as physical objects, drones, motors, LED device, sensors and wireless communications.


Combining image analysis technologies such as tracking technology, depth sensing, 3D reconstruction technology, and generic object recognition technology to explore new visual expressions, Rhizomatiks Research produces a system to support real-time stage performances and real-time streaming performances.

Brain & Body Interface

Furthermore, Rhizomatiks Research researches into the relationship between the body and technology as well as human sensory perception in order to create new expressions. Various sensors are used to obtain biological data, and other body extension equipment such as electric stimulation devices are used. The research includes how to utilize an enormous volume of biological and activity data obtained through different wearable devices.

Machine Learning & AI

Through technologies such as data mining and mechanical learning, Rhizomatiks Research researches into computers and systems, which are cognitively and creatively responsive. In addition, Rhizomatiks Research pursues and presents creative expressions made possible by such research.

rhizomatiks Research